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Catalyst Research and Development Inc.

Company Message

Clients in Canada & Zambia

  • Governments - Federal, Provincial Municipal, Indigenous, Traditional
  • Research-funding organizations
  • Professional associations - Physicians, Nurses, Lawyers
  • NGOs, Not-for-profits, social enterprises -local, regional, national.
  • Post-secondary institutions - universities and colleges
  • Communities - urban, rural, remote, indigenous, immigrants and refugees


  • Health Services - including prevention & health promotion, acute and emergency care, maternal and child, longterm and seniors' care

  • Human Services - including early childhood development, youth health and development, mental health & addictions, family development, violence prevention and care
  • Education - Grade school, Advanced Education, e/m-Learning
  • Training - professionals (pre-service and in-service), volunteers and lay leaders
  • Across the lifespan - Early Childhood to Seniors & very elderly
  • Development Planning