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Catalyst Research and Development Inc.

Company Message

Consulting Associates

Krista Brower, MEd (Evaluation), PhD (in progress), CE - is an expert in evaluating and researching health and human service initiatives, with extensive experience in primary health care and networks, handling large amounts of data, knowledge mobilization, and data-driven improvement. She leads the communications department for Canadian Evaluation Society, and represents Alberta/NWT region. Krista has worked with Catalyst on evaluating many regional and provincial innovations, including improving health and human services, domestic/family violence, youth mentoring, seniors health & wellbeing, mental health and substance use, poverty reduction.

Vamini Selvanandan MD, MPH - is a physician with 20 years experience and special expertise in primary care and emergency medicine. She has worked with local and regional primary care networks and is a leader in the Canadian Public Health Association. Dr. Selvanandan has worked in a wide range of health promotion and prevention initiatives - in Canada and internationally. Vamini consults with Catalyst on projects relating to gender-based violence, mental health and substance use, crime prevention, improving outcomes for new moms and babes, and social return on investment analyses.

Judith Krajnak, PhD - is an expert in evaluating and researching health initiatives, with extensive experience in primary health care and community health, including performance monitoring, knowledge mobilization / application, data-driven program planning and improvement. She is a popular trainer and presenter, manager of communities of practise, and author. Judith consults with Catalyst on projects related to improving health services (particularly rural and remote areas) and domestic/family violence, and return on investment.

Debbie DeLancey, MAE, CE - brings 40 years experience working in the NWT for community and Indigenous organizations and the Government of NWT. She has led policy and program development, community-based research, and community-based initiatives in a variety of sectors. Her work with Dene communities included coordinating research and advocacy on major resource development projects, facilitating community engagement, and managing an Indigenous‑owned consulting firm specializing in participatory research and traditional knowledge.

Claire Boine MLaw, MPP, PhD (in progress) - brings expertise in researching programs and policies, including those relating to services for young children and their families, mental health and substance use, and violence of various kinds in society. Claire is fluent in French as well as English, and an experienced professional translator.

Tara Hanson Preston, MA, - (under construction)

Cheryl Poth, PhD, CE - is an Associate Professor with the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation (CRAME). She also brings a wealth of international experience and consults with Catalyst on evaluations of youth mentoring, developmental evaluation, and international projects.

Yvonne Collinson, BSc (OT), MHA, DMgt (in progress). Yvonne has extensive experience in health, mental health and social services systems in Alberta. She has focused on planning, managing, developing and assessing new initiatives and approaches to improve the quality of services. Yvonne consults with Catalyst on projects relating to mental health, promoting seniors' health and wellbeing, and family/domestic violence.

Brian Armstrong- is a senior IM/IT consultant and strategist with expertise in electronic health records (EHR), enterprise architecture and IT strategy, technology and business process engineering, health informatics and education. Brian has strong leadership skills and over 25 years of experience with complex IM & IT environments with government, engineering, higher education, NGOs and not-for-profit, and healthcare. Brian consults with Catalyst on e/mLearning and digital approaches to improve health and learning in developing countries.

Mary Stewart, BA, MCS, MA (early childhood development). Mary has worked with children and family initiatives (BC & AB) for over 30 years. Her experience includes home visitation, training and curriculum development, developing policy and practice guidelines, and knowledge mobilization. She consults with Catalyst on projects related to healthy child development, and building family and community capacities.

Darryl Tetz, BPE, BEd, CAAF (Active Aging Fitness). Darryl is an accomplished teacher, sports coach and trainer. He consults with Catalyst on projects related to improving physical health and wellbeing of seniors, and reversing the effects of aging, particularly with those over 80 years of age.

Other experts are also engaged as needed, depending on specific health and service issues, evaluation approaches, geographic areas, cultures and languages.